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Here are some of the services available at Koyger Electrician.

Electrical Panel Installation and Repair

For electrical panel servicing and installation, contact Koyger Electrician. We offer safe and conscientious services ensuring that we are compliant with the industry standards. Our electricians are active problem solvers and use the right equipment and tools for repairing electrical panels. Our team of qualified professionals ensures politeness and remains respectful to our clients. For the electrical panel installation, we shall offer the advisory role to our customers to ensure you make the right choice in terms of location, quality of materials and supplies while considering future additions. We have years of experience offering the service and we will be glad to assist you. For commercial and residential electrical panel installation in Marina Del Rey, contact Koyger Electrician.

Lighting Installation

Koyger Electrician is your one-stop-shop for complete lighting installations in Marina Del Rey. Our electricians are experienced and offer lighting solutions for homes and business premises. For every lighting installation contract, our electricians are ready to offer a practical solution. We provide energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial and residential use. When you choose us, we shall advise on the best lighting components for your installation. This ensures that you install equipment that provides sufficient lighting, within your budget and ensuring energy saving.
We help our customers to choose the right lighting design for indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. For commercial lighting installations Marina Del Rey, we will advise on the best adjustments to fit your needs depending on office design. Our electricians are insured and licensed to work in Marina Del Ray and other cities. Call us today to book an appointment for site inspection and advice for best lighting installations.

Outlet and wiring services Marina Del Rey

When you need a new electrical outlet installed, contact Koyger Electrician. We shall ensure safety by providing professional electricians. Do not hold on to a faulty electrical outlet. instead, contact Koyger Electrician for replacement of the electrical outlet and electrical wiring to fit your needs. Our electricians will ensure that your family stays safe by installing good quality electrical outlets and good quality wiring services. We employ experienced and well-trained pros who understand how to ensure proper outlet installation has been done. contact us today for professional services.

Car Charging Station Install

Whether residential or commercial parking lot, you can trust Koyger Electrician for installation of the EV charging station. We always endeavor to learn new technologies and when it comes to EV charging stations, we shall provide an efficient solution. We will Install it like it was made to be there.  Our electricians are trained to ensure quality services with years of experience. We also perform a post-installation inspection to make sure we provided a safe to use and efficient EV charging station. Call us today for the free estimate.